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Law Office of Martin T. Gonsalves

Working Hard To Protect Your Rights

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Results-Driven, Personalized Representation

Evicting a tenant in California can involve a complicated legal process. When fail to abide by your lease agreement, an experienced attorney can help you exercise your right to evict them. At the Contra Costa County Law Office of Martin T. Gonsalves, we have represented property owners and landlords for over 25 years. We will work hard to help you understand your rights and resolve your evictions case quickly.

Thousands Of Satisfied Property Owners In Contra Costa County

As a property owner and manager himself, our attorney is dedicated to protecting your rights. We have represented thousands of landlords in unlawful detainer actions. If you need to evict a tenant, call 925-234-4340 or contact us online to schedule an appointment with an experienced evictions lawyer.

Guidance For Landlords From The Notice To Quit Through The Lockout

Our firm is dedicated to providing personal attention to every client. We will advise you about landlord rights throughout the evictions process from drafting a tenant notice to quit the property to representing you in unlawful detainer court actions and overseeing lockouts.

Whether you are evicting a tenant for failing to pay rent, becoming a nuisance or another form of breach of contract, we will work hard to protect your rights as a property owner. We provide experienced, thorough legal counsel in various eviction situations such as those involving:

  • Repair and maintenance issues or security deposit matters
  • Different types of property, including houses, apartments and commercial property
  • Section 8 subsidized housing issues
  • Evictions after foreclosure

We encourage you to contact us to discuss your legal concerns regarding eviction in Contra Costa County.

Other Landlord-Tenant Legal Matters

Although many of our clients come to us regarding evictions, our firm is available to advise you regarding many other landlord-tenant legal matters, including:

  • Drafting and negotiating leases
  • Problematic
  • Unauthorized occupants
  • Break-ins
  • Refunds, security deposits and lockouts
  • Post-lockout procedure
  • Property abandonment
  • Defending property managers against personal injury claims
  • Bringing legal actions against for destruction of property
  • Representing property owners in administrative matters such as code violations
  • Advising landlords regarding rental inspections
  • Handling neighborhood disputes
  • Premises liability litigation

Commercial Tenant Representation For Owners, Managers And Agents

We represent and landlords involved in commercial real estate issues such as lease renewals and negotiations and litigation. We understand that commercial rentals can be more complicated than residential situations. We will work to resolve your commercial landlord-tenant dispute as quickly as possible.

Call 925-234-4340 or contact us online to schedule an appointment with Antioch evictions attorney Martin T. Gonsalves. We offer reasonable fees for our experienced services. Our Antioch office is easily accessible from Highway 4.