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An Experienced And Compassionate Approach To Your Legal Needs After A Motor Vehicle Accident

Auto accidents often negatively affect the lives of the parties involved. In addition to dealing with your injuries and losses, you may find yourself in the middle of confusing conversations with insurance representatives and not sure what to expect. However, if you were injured because of a third party’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation.

I am attorney Martin T. Gonsalves, and I have represented and fought for the rights of personal injury victims since 1983. I understand that a motor vehicle accident and subsequent injuries could mean unexpected bills, lost wages and the need for quick answers and actions. Therefore, my priority is to provide you with efficient legal services and solutions. I may also be able to help you if you find yourself being sued and you are uninsured.

Representing Your Best Interests In Challenging Circumstances

If you are not sure about what fair compensation should include or whether you suffered considerable property damage and injuries, the assistance of a lawyer can make a difference. At the Law Office of Martin T. Gonsalves, in Antioch, I fight to protect the best interests of my clients against insurance companies.

In my almost four decades of experience handling complex personal injury cases, I have learned the tactics that insurance companies use to minimize injury victims’ settlements. I have also honed my negotiation skills to obtain the compensation that my California clients need to move forward. You can rest assured that I will represent your best interests throughout the process, including negligent compensation and medical liens.

After learning about all the available details, circumstances and evidence regarding your auto accident, I will give you an honest evaluation of your situation. I will also explain what you may be entitled to in terms of compensation and discuss potential legal strategies to protect your interests. As an injury victim, you should only be concerned with your recovery. Let me take care of the paperwork and protect your interests.

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Every case is unique and deserves close one-on-one attention. Call my office at 925-234-4340 or send me an email to schedule your appointment and discuss your situation.