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Probate and trust administration disputes arise from serious legal concerns regarding the validity of a will or trust and the estate administration process. When such issues occur, it is important that parties be represented by an experienced lawyer who can protect their rights and interests.

I am Martin T. Gonsalves, and for nearly 40 years, I have helped resolve legal disputes for clients throughout Contra Costa County. Call my firm, the Law Office of Martin T. Gonsalves, today at 925-234-4340 to speak with me about your concerns.

Representing Trustees, Personal Representatives And Beneficiaries In Estate Administration Disputes

At my California firm, I have represented clients in trust and probate litigation involving the following claims and concerns:

  • The estate administrator hid assets or failed to fully disclose all the assets in the estate.
  • The will or trust is invalid because another, newer will exists.
  • The testator (creator of the will) was coerced into changing the will in bad faith by a friend, relative, personal representative, caretaker or others.
  • The deceased individual did not have the mental capacity to create or change the will or trust.
  • There was a breach of fiduciary duty.
  • A beneficiary was wrongfully denied his or her inheritance.
  • The will or trust is a forgery.
  • There is a request for a removal of trustee action.
  • There are accounting issues.
  • There is a no-contest clause that needs review.
  • Occupants need to be removed from probate/real property.

The outcome of these cases can affect an inheritance, but, more importantly, it can also tarnish family relationships. I will work to resolve the will or trust dispute as quickly and with as little hardship as possible.

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